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Find out the best penis extender in 2015 - Which is the Best?

The two best rated Penis Extenders in 2014 are X4 labs and SizeGenetics
Both are good and will make your penis bigger but who are the most comfortable and best?



                           the most advanced penis extender today

While other penis extenders use either a silicone tube or straps, the X4 Penis Extender is the only penis
enlarger to provide patients with both systems plus our Custom Loop Fastener
alongside its exclusive 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece.

Only the X4 Labs Penis Extender has been Clinically Proven,CE Certified, and Doctor Recommended
The X4 Labs Medical Penis Stretcher
In order to reinforce X4’s credibility, X4 Labs offers an extensive lifetime warranty, as well as an unparalleled six month guarantee.
Regardless of culture, race or body type, the simple principle of traction, ensures penis enlargement results.

Which package do we recommend?

Frankly you can’t go wrong with the the Starter Edition if you are just looking to get into the device as inexpensively as possible. That being said, your best bet is to stick with the Deluxe Edition. It comes with way more bonuses and more options, as well as additional bars so you do not need to buy anything later on

What can you expect from The X4 Labs Medical Penis Stretcher?

1. A bigger penis, guaranteed
2. The most comfortable easy to use product on the market
3. Lowest pricing available
4. Great customer service and a satisfaction guarantee
5. Small penis - No problem
The X4 Labs have a Mini Version Adapter for men who are typically
smaller than the
average size
Best Penis Extender for men under 3 inches!
    Increase length of your penis by up to 30%
    For men of all sizes

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Penis Extender

SizeGenetics - Clinically proven, medical type 1 enlargement device
Manufactured to the highest possible standards and tested for optimum 'tension resistance' you can relax in the knowledge that your device
is proven to increase your penis length and girth by 30%.
If you have been looking for different options for Penis enlargement, SizeGenetics may be your answer. SizeGenetics is a medical type one tool which aids you together with your quest for a bigger and stronger penis. The sizegenetics package goes beyond being a tool. It provides you lot of sexual health improvement products along with the extender tool.

How does the SizeGenetics device work?
Size genetics makes use of the principal of traction & works together with your body tissues to increase the body mass of the penis. By regular use of Sizegenetics, the cells in man's penis chambers start to divide & multiply hence increasing the general tissue mass. Due to this the penis can hold more blood than it could before. The result of which is enhanced length & girth of the penis..

SizeGenetics: Want to be bigger?
Safe and effective penis enlargement
is possible with SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Enlargement Device:

Increase your penis with our easy to use traction device

The SizeGenetics™ System is clinically proven to enlarge your penis - giving you a more imposing member, increased bloodflow and more powerful erections, with increases in length of up to 3 inches.

Limited time MONEY SAVING offer
For a limited time only you can receive a $50.00 DISCOUNT off this amazing penis enlargement system. Enter ECON8 at the checkout for this special discount.

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X4 Labs products are recommended by doctors from all over the world, and have users from all parts of the globe!

Best Penis Enlargement
Exercise program - Penis Health

Lifetime access to the 30+ exercises and 300+ penis enlargement exercise photos and videos in the PenisHealth members area. (updated weekly
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ONLY SizeGenetics has the 16 WAY Final Comfort Method.
2 way system.....4 way system who cares about those inferior products? Don't finish up suffering because you can't get the ideal comfort you require. Keep in mind, you require to wear your penis extender & in case you don't feel comfortable¦ you never use it.
The enlargement devices usually work on the principle of traction. The tool exerts a constant traction on the penis, which, in theory, lengthens & widens the penis. The traction supposedly causes the cells in the penis to split & then reform & expand
180 Day Guarantee
Sizegenetics is backed by a solid guarantee of a full 180 days.
Free Shipping

No need to worry about shipping costs as all orders are shipped free of charget
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X4 Labs™ Starter Edition Extender - Ideal for first time users, the Starter Edition provides you with all the required tools in order to begin your enlargement process.
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Premium Edition Extender
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